Helping buildings manage 100s of doors and people across their portfolio

Latch customers couldn’t use the initial management system to manage 100s of doors across their buildings. I was initially tasked to bring a grouping feature to our existing product to solve this problem. We discovered that this feature required a completely new access management architecture and I led our entire software org through an intensive 5-month UX research and product design process to consensus on a new vision. I redesigned our web management product and we successfully saved our customers.

Output: New data model (system architecture), completely redesigned web management system 

Timeline: August 2017 - April 2018 (8 months)

Weekly team: Si Dhanak (PM), Misha Ponizil (Eng) , Jordan Sorenson (Eng), Deepak Bapat, Jonathan Kieliszak (Eng)

My role: UX Research, Product Design, Information Architecture

Case study: Presentation