Latch Door Updates - Case Study.001.png

Door updates

Helping property managers manually update locks via bluetooth

When I joined Latch, I was asked to solve a huge security issue where customers didn’t know that deleting someone in the cloud management system wouldn’t actually delete them on the physical door lock. This meant residents could still have access to an apartment building even though their lease ended. This project required a year of periodic investments across our web and iOS apps that shaped the core Latch access infrastructure.

Output: New modal, app feature, email notification system and Support content strategy  

Timeline: June, July, October, and December, 2017

Weekly team: Si Dhanak (PM), Misha Ponizil (Eng) , Jordan Sorenson (Eng), Deepak Bapat, Jonathan Kieliszak (Eng)

My role: UX Research, Product Design, Content Strategy

Case study: Presentation